(38044) 501 49 07
fax: (38044) 502 89 18
email: akp@akp.kiev.ua
st. Magnitogorskaya,1, Kyiv


(38044) 501 49 07
факс: (38044) 502 89 18
email: akp@akp.kiev.ua
г. Киев, ул. Магнитогорская, 1

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Training Center is located at the recreation center in the heart of a forest on the picturesque banks of the Kiev reservoir. 35 km from Kiev.


The center can accomodate up to 56 person in detached houses with 2- and 3-person rooms.


Meeting and conference facilities are available: 2 conference halls, banquet hall up to 250 persons.


Guests can also take advantage of the center's facilities such as BBQ, billiards, table tennis, bar, volleyball court,  swings.


You can also see Lutej attractions.


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