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Section : Gamma spectrometers | SEG-001 "AKP-S" "KERN" Печать E-mail

Gamma spectrometer SEG-001 "AKP-S" "KERN"



Gamma spectrometer SEG-001 "AKP-S" "KERN" is intended to:

  • Express analysis of full-length core samples to determine the natural gamma-ray emitting radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th, 40K and artificial 137Cs and other in rock samples.
  • Analysis of the distribution of natural radionuclides along the core length for binding data logging to the core depth.
  • The measurements of drill pipe and lengthy item.
  • Classification on the sample  areas of measured values ratio of the content of natural radionuclides for tracing  petrophysical models.

The device is designed to operate in three configurations:

  • Field gamma spectrometer with a lightweight shield;
  • Handle search radiometer-spectrometer for radiation monitoring of vehicles, people and luggage; radiation monitoring of scrap metal;  use in emergency situations; determination of surface contamination gamma radionuclides (soil and other surface);
  • Stationary spectrometer in petrophysical and other laboratories.


  • Portable recorder of gamma spectra PRS-01;
  • Protective shield (specially for geological core samples measurements);
  • Software;



Instrument characteristics

Characteristics values

Scintillation detector on mono crystal base


Energy resolution for 662keV line of radionuclide Cs-137, %, no more


Integral nonlinearity of energetic scale, %, no more

± 1

Instability of calibrated characteristic for 8 operating hours, %, no more

± 2

The detection efficiency of the detector at a distance of 0 mm from the sample













  • The user interface supports three languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English; 
  • The presence of a special dialog "Options of core";
  • The duration of a single measurement can be set by specific parameters (automatic stop measurements) or by pressing button (to achieve a satisfactory outcome measurement);
  • For each dimension (point of core) formed the protocol with the results of measurements that can be printed, imported into a spreadsheet or text editor. These protocols are stored on disk in a given directory as separate files;
  • In a separate window, you can monitor the total measurement protocol of core, where, in tabular form, you can see the results of each measurement of the core. Summary protocol is stored in a file on the disk;
  • Upon completion of the measurement of the core in a separate window, you can view graphs of radionuclide activity along the core length and output the data to the printer.


Brand new procedure for the in situ measurements

Brand new procedure for the in situ measurements

One of the latest developments is really field procedure for the in situ measurements. Read more...


Section : Packaged software | “AKWin”

Section : Packaged software | “AKWin”

“AKWin” software is designed for operation of measurements and self-acting treatment of spectrums. “AKWin” sof... Read more...

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