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The monitoring system of steam generator leaks MSSGL «АZOT-16» for a continuous control of leak values of the coolant from the first circuit to the second by the means of registration of gamma radiation of the isotope 16N in the live steam. 


The monitoring system of steam generator leaks MSSGL «АZOT-16» is designed for a continuous control of leak values of the coolant from the first circuit to the second by the means of registration of gamma radiation of the isotope 16N in the live steam.

The system secures the following:

  • A continuous control of activity of 16N in the live steam
  • Determining of leak values in the steam generator (SG) (kg/h)
  • Identification of SG with leaks
  • Signaling of deviation of controlled parameters from admissible ranges

The system is realized on the basis of devices of definition of steam generator leaks upon 16N "UDPP-01"AKP"



  • scintillation unit of detecting of the gamma-energies on the basis of the crystal NaI(Tl) 76Х76 mm
  • protective shield and collimator for the detection unit
  • analyzer


 the range of registered energies of gamma-radiation, MeV


 the range of changeable leak values, l/h


 the main error of determination of leaks at a leak value over 0,5 kg/h for a confidence  probability 0,95 for a pile power 100% does not exceed (%)


 energetic resolution on the line 661,6 keV, %

Ј 8

 time of setting of the operation mode, not more, min


 time of uninterrupted work


 operational range of temperatures of the ambience, 0С


 accuracy of the stabilization, 0С

± 2

 average operating time to the full, not less (h)


 average life time, not less (year)





The software carries out management спектрометром, automatic processing of spectra, record of spectra and processed information, transfer of the information on the removed computer. The software has a plenty of control modes, that provides reliability of results.



  • the structure of system includes a detecting block, which has an original heat setting system capable to support a stable temperature inside of block within a range from 25 0С to 30 0С, incl. at high temperatures of the ambient air. The accuracy of stabilization ± 2 0С
  • the software has an algorithm of leaks estimation of the coolant of the first contour in the water of SG for A-plants with a pile WWER-1000 upon 16N activity.
  • The producer guarantees an inventor’s support and service maintenance during the whole period of the system operation.
  • The inventor’s support gives the possibility to take into account all requirements of Ukrainian normative documents and to respond operatively to obse5rvations of the operating personnel
  • Operational safety and simplicity
  • The system can can be operated independently from other systems of radiation monitoring (SRM), as well as a part of them.
  • The system is designed for power generating units with piles WWER-1000 for national A-plants.
  • The system MSSGL «АZOT-16» is designed taking into account constructive and operational features of A-plants that are operated in Ukraine.




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